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Akaltara Education Society


I am proud to be the Chairman of Akaltara Education Trust Akaltara a pioneer institution of the area which was founded in 1954 by the renowned social activist of Akaltara as well as of the area.

On my appointment as president I would like to remember all the diseased members of the trust who have devoted the golden period of their life to establish the trust and to get the facilities for the students of the schools being managed by the trust.

Started from a little drop the institution has now become an ocean in the field of services.

We are running with a goal to provide the quality services to the people of the area in the field of education, cultural development ,sports and literature without compromising with our aim to provide the services to the poorest person of the society due to which only our school could be able to achieve the best results at all the times in compression with the other schools and this has became possible only due to the team work by all the members of the managing committee of the trust as well as by the staff of our schools.

From the beginning we have always tried to maintain the educational atmosphere in our school as a result of which only not a single case of copying could be registered in our school even after the vagarious raids by the teams formed by the BOARD.

We are trying to give the training to the women of weaker section by which they can start earning and are proud to mention that more than 200 ladies have got training of stitching in the training centre being managed by us.

Ours is the institution being maintained with the donation of the people of Akaltara and nearby area and are very much thankful to the donors and hope will get all the cooperation from them as and when required.

We are managing scholarship to about 50 students of the school from the donations received from the donors of the area. The amount received from them is kept in fixed deposit in the nationalized banks and from the interest of the same scholarship is paid to the needy students so that they can complete their education.

We are also very much thankful to the persons who have supported us knowingly or unknowingly for betterment of the institution.

Though we are trying to do our best but there is always a chance of lacunas we will always well come the suggestions by our well wishers for which they can contact us at any time.

I am hopeful that with the cooperation of my co trust members and people of the area I will be able not only to maintain the present position but will be able to boost the facilities and the infrastructure of the trust.

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